October 2020

when I first opened my eyes. after many years of running so fast my vision blurred. a train passing by the trees. there was a moment and then another. the first, where I thought. being loved was measured. by the level I was adored. the second, where I start. to unbelieve what I knew and start. paying attention. I then, see. differently

Love is early morning stillness.
a practice of silence to create

to observe

Greensboro, NC sunrise

a japanese maple in autumn
vibrant leaves burning like fire
green highlights at the base
instead of blue
yellow, orange and screaming red against lush skies against a forest that looks dead
brown and bare

Lindley Park

Love is a mother
hanging cypress garland with her first daughter. her soft smile and wise eyes telling she is grand

Love is children running to the low beats in my ear buds, wind in my face, sweeping back
my fly aways as we run in sync for
a moment
until I pass by

Love is your head bopping to your favorite song, spreading through your body until you’re twitching at your knees, twirling in and out

leaves dancing in the sunlight that pierces through my window

Love is a free car wash when you forgot your credit card, hugs regardless of
anything you say or do. Gutters cleaned for a price set by your heart, you decide.

Dry-aged ribeye, for half the price, the last one. Red-wined rioja dinner with your best friend. Reading a story to her kids and brushing their teeth before bed.

Love is wanting to tell all your friends that their enough. And knowing you can’t make them feel it.

Love is curling up in bed alone with
yourself as your body
reminds you about aching for
the warm touch of
bare skin.

Love is going for a run even though it’s cold outside. Stopping
when your knees hurt because you want
to come back tomorrow.

telling someone what you need
even when you are not
sure. It’s trying after falling. not knowing and still finding peace.

Love is five sun salutations every morning
that become your free flow yoga dances, warming your heart fire. saying yes
to its beat.

Love is wanting to soak in loneliness
but opening to receive the community that’s surrounding you
It’s local beer with neighbors on Friday night, connecting under glowing balls that hang over you

showing up to the dance even
though no one sent you an invitation because you know the tug in your heart is more of an invite than any fancy piece of mail.

Love is taking a hot shower after a sweaty run, or for no reason at all. Ending with ice cold water washing over you. Pulling back
the shower curtain, breathing in the glow of sage scented flickering flames.

Love is openness and not without
a willingness to be
alone with ourselves. It’s what we find
when we groom our garden.
When we open
the gifts right in front of us.

Love is asking questions
you know the answer to
because you have nothing to prove.
Asking questions you don’t know
because you’re ready to grow.

Love is creating space

for what is good. And seeing
it is abundant.

Pain can be all of these things too. It’s up
to the observers
me and you

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