Hi, I’m Rae.

I like moments. And all the details in them. For me, COVID-19 became nature’s invitation to pause and create space for being present in more moments. I found space to be still, to observe my inner world. I’ve always been a seeker, naturally love to travel and have a hard time saying no. For many years, I ran so fast my vision blurred like a train passing by the trees.

During the first 6 months of COVID-19, I focused on observing myself and the world around me, just to notice it… without judgement or a need for action. I did less. And found more life. I became an early riser, pulled out of bed by my delight in pastries with espresso, the sweet melodies of songbirds, the warm kiss of sunrises and quiet time with myself. I wrote more, noticed more.

In March 2021, I started living in Mexico and working remotely, a story I’ll save for my blogs. I’ve created this site as a space to extend my experience: reflections of my inner world, rays of sunlight in my outer world, hues of color created through contrast – the interplay between the people, places and kings (“rulers”) of my inner and outer world.

Things I Like Doing
  • Chasing sunrises, enjoying sunsets
  • Noticing beauty to inspire
  • Practicing creativity
  • Exploring food and places
  • Connecting with people
  • Just Being
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